With baseball season right around the corner, many stadiums and arenas are making preparations to get ready for the large crowds that will soon be coming their way. This year, a new trend has made its way to the professional sports world, including right here in Chicago. Arenas and stadiums all across the country are ramping up security with specialized security window films.

Why window film for stadiums? Well, the truth is that it’s simply a matter of public safety. As public shootings and violent outbreaks are becoming increasingly common, there are many issues revolving around public safety. Buildings that house large numbers of people, like stadiums, are turning to window film as a solution. Window film has a unique ability to prevent glass from shattering. It can help protect stadiums and fans from violent attacks, natural disasters, and other serious dangers.

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How Window Film Can Prevent Glass From Shattering During An Emergency

Recent advancements in technology and engineering have allowed today’s security films to become highly advanced. Security films are no longer thin flimsy pieces of polyester. Now, they’re a combination of highly durable film backed by layers of advanced primer.

Once in place, security films help lessen the effects of impact. If a window is hit with a high force such as a strong wind or sharp object, the film will transfer the kinetic energy of the impact sideways instead of allowing it to concentrate in one area. This helps decrease the likelihood of shattering. Certain security window film systems, such as C-Bond are incredibly effective at this and have shown to be resistant to even extreme levels of impact, including gunshots.

Additional Benefits of Installing Window Film in Stadiums and Arenas

In addition to making Chicago’s sports stadiums and public buildings safer, security window film can provide business owners with many advantages. Those who invest in window film get to enjoy major benefits including:

  • Lower energy costs for heating and cooling
  • A more comfortable environment for employees and patrons
  • Reduced costs for artificial lighting and higher levels of natural sunlight
  • Improved aesthetic appearances indoors and from the exterior
  • Protection for furniture and stadium seats against fade causing uv rays
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