Superior Privacy And Protection With Casper Cloaking Film

Working environments have changed over the years and collaborative office spaces are now the most desirable for businesses here in Chicago. While most employees love having a collaborative space, a level of data privacy is sorely need in these settings. The old methods of offering privacy, like window tinting, curtains, and partitions aren’t very functional and even less attractive. At Window Film Chicago, we have a modern solution to these outdated privacy methods that is as effective as it is captivating called Casper Cloaking Film.

What Is Casper Cloaking Film?

Casper Cloaking Film is a clear film which when applied to glass window, blacks out LED and LCD screens from the outside looking in but leave the rest of the glass clear.  Those passing by will see the screens as black boxes– hiding the private or strategic information on the screen. This prevents unwanted eyes from viewing and/or disseminating that information which is not meant to be shared.  Casper Cloaking Film is great for areas like glassed-in conference rooms. In places like these, makeshift privacy solutions are often the rule and look like paper, taped at random onto glass walls to keep out unwanted eyes. Offices with HR or Accounting departments likely benefit the most from the cloaking benefits because they get the privacy behind glass that they need to do their day to day duties like paychecks, hiring information and employee records. This film takes away a significant burden form these workers– trying to be productive while worrying about anyone seeing the information accidentally.  Furthermore, Casper Cloaking Film comes in numerous designs and patterns to compliment any office style. Meaning, there is no sacrifice of form at the behest of style with the application of these cutting edge films. This makes Casper Cloaking Films an amazing and incredibly useful improvement for any office where privacy is a concern.

Get Casper Cloaking Technology for Your Chicago Workspace

At Window Film Chicago, we carry this amazing and effective privacy solution. It is the only smart shield window film of its kind and is changing the landscape of collaborative workspaces here in Chicago and across the world.  Conference rooms and cubicles are a great starting point for the film and anywhere you need privacy for your computer screens. Contact us today to bring your office space into the future with Casper Cloaking Film!

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