UV Blocking Film in Chicago

Window Film for UV Protection in Chicago

A common misconception about UV rays is that they only impose a danger when it’s clear and sunny outside, but the truth is that UV rays are present during all types of weather. Even in a city like Chicago, it’s important to be careful about UV exposure, even while indoors. Window film provides Chicago home and business owners with reliable protection from UV rays and prevents fading and UV associated health diseases. It blocks out 99.9% of radiation while allowing for maximum visible light transmission and protects building interiors and occupants while maintaining a warm, welcoming look.

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Chicago Commercial Benefits of UV Protection Film

UV blocking window film can help protect merchandise, flooring, furniture, and occupants in your commercial property from the devastating effects of UV rays. It blocks out the frequencies of light that cause fading and skin disease while allowing your space to stay beautiful and vibrant.

  • Protects leather, clothing, and retail merchandise from fading
  • Preserve the vibrancy of office furniture, artwork, and flooring
  • Great for museums, furniture stores, retail storefronts, libraries, art galleries, and much more
  • Save money on repair and replacement costs
  • Keeps employees safe from excess UV exposure

Chicago Residential Benefits of UV Protection Film

UV window film can help keep your home, furniture, and family safe from the sun. Window film prevents UV radiation from entering your home without blocking out the beautiful natural light and views that you love. It’s a smart solution for homes of all types and sizes. The Skin Cancer Foundation actually recommends installing UV window film for all Chicago residential properties.

  • Defend your family from serious health concerns like cataracts, skin cancer, immune system suppression, premature aging, and other significant conditions.
  • Keeps your upholstery, leather, and expensive furniture and flooring safe from discoloration
  • Prevents fading and heat damage in your home
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