Our work days are busy. If you want to get tasks crossed off on your to-do list, you have to multi-task. That means sometimes walking and emailing customers at the same time, or texting your boss and while you’re heading to your next meeting.

When you’re wrapped up in something, it’s easy to lose focus on where you’re going and run into a glass wall or door. This is an honest mistake that people make all the time. If the cleaning company showed up earlier that day, the glass could be so clear that’s it’s hard to see. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can result serious injuries.

One easy way to make your office safer is by installing vision strips for glass. Chicago businesses can use window films with distraction markers to highlight hard-to-see glass areas. Here’s where to find them.

What Are Vision Strips?

It’s easy to get distracted and not pay attention to where you’re going. We’ve all been there before. One minute, you’re texting your boss and responding to a stressful situation and the next, you’re embarrassed and rubbing a sore spot on your head because you’ve walked into a glass conference room wall.

These types of accidents happen all the time. But sometimes the injury is worse than a bruised ego. Glass collisions can also cause concussions, head injuries, bloody noses, and broken bones. That’s where vision strips come in.

Vision strips use subtle horizontal patterns and lines to make glass doors and walls easier to see. They help reduce collisions and improve safety without interrupting the beautiful aesthetics or flow of your office.

Where Can You Get Them?

Visions strips can be obtained from two different sources: directly from the manufacturer and from a window film installer. The benefit of buying from the manufacturer is that you may save a couple bucks with a DIY installation.

However, most people who go this route end up deal with hours of frustration as they try to eliminate all the creases and bubbles. That’s why it’s recommended to have your vision strips installed by a Chicago professionals who specializes in commercial window tint.

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