More Energy Efficiency, More Money For Your Chicago Business

Chicago is a lovely city and an added bonus of living here is having all four seasons. The sun in the summer, balances the winter chill and fall and spring in this city are about as perfect as you can get. However, four seasons each bring with them issues, one of which is the need for heating or cooling year round, driving up utility bills Because of this, commercial spaces here in Chicago pay an inordinate amount of money on heating and cooling costs both because of the volume of space they must heat or cool and the fact that they need to do one or the other, all year long. Additionally, HVAC repairs for commercial buildings in the area are frequent and expensive because of the increased load on systems. For commercial properties trying to cut down on high energy bills, there is a way to save money and stop energy loss at its source, your windows, by having window tinting installed. Solar control window film is proven to lower utility bills and reduce repairs to HVAC. It can also save you money by qualifying you for green tax credits. There is also the added benefit of UV protection for you, your employees and your tenants.

Other money-saving benefits of window film for Chicago businesses include:

  • Increased tenant comfort and reduced tenant complaints: Happier tenants that are more comfortable in their workspaces tend to stay tenants longer.
  • Exterior window refinishing updates give a refined modern look: A more attractive building will attract more, higher-end clients and better quality tenants to your Chicago office buildings.
  • Better security windows keep assets safe: Window film acts as an added layer of security keeping tenants, belongings, and merchandise protected from theft.

A Proven ROI From Solar Control Window Film

The cost control window film is much, much lower than something like full window replacement and more effective too. Notably, there is a proven ROI in as little as 3 years with window film too. For more information about the incredible power of solar control window film and the fast ROI, read through the case study below:

Don’t keep throwing money out the windows of your Chicago business, contact us at Window Film Chicago today for a free window efficiency audit and estimate of solar control window film today!