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Window Film Alternatives for Chicago Properties

Window Film Chicago is honored to provide leading window film services for helping with all residential and commercial projects. We carry numerous, customizable solutions to improve your property’s function, help you save money, and address a wide scope of property concerns. Window film does offer some exclusive benefits and upgrades including UV protection, heat rejection, glare reduction, and more. The highly versatile, multi-functional product is ideal for addressing numerous property concerns. One of our most frequently asked questions is how window film compared to other alternatives available on the market. While there are many alternatives out there, none of them compare in terms of performance, aesthetics, value, and maintenance needs. That’s why we stand behind our solutions and truly believe that they provide the advantages that you’re looking for.

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Window Film vs. Window Film Alternatives

Window film delivers a wide scope of advantages when compared to the available alternatives on the market. This cost-effective option offers significant savings and benefits that anyone can take advantage of.

Window Film Pros vs. the Alternatives

Window film provides a money-saving solution to address numerous project goals and property concerns, including:

  • Energy savings: Window film blocks solar heat while delivering better insulation for keeping your cooling efforts inside. This more affordable option compared to window replacement also provides better aesthetics that aren’t available with traditional window treatments or roller shade options. Window film also doesn’t require significant maintenance or manual operation.
  • UV blocking: Block out up to 99.9% of harmful UV radiation while keeping your windows optically clear. This is the only UV solution that won’t take away from the aesthetics of your property or cost a premium for glass upgrade.
  • Glare reduction: Window film delivers a glare reduction solution that doesn’t block natural light transmissions. Unlike traditional window treatments, window film allows sunlight to come in while effectively reducing glare.
  • Safety and security: Security bars are never the answer for any residential or commercial property. Safety glass windows are available at a high premium cost. Safety and security window film provides an affordable alternative to these options and can provide extensive protection for defending against crime, vandalism, natural disasters, and more. It can also be used to upgrade annealed glass to tempered glass.
  • Decorative and frosted: Decorative window film is the cost-effective alternative for permanent frosted and custom decorative glass. It’s more affordable, highly customizable, and easily changed for different looks and projects. Marketing and branding opportunities are also available with decorative film, allowing commercial properties in Chicago to capitalize on their real estate.

Window film can help you achieve your project goals at a more affordable price. Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial project, window film may offer a better solution for your needs.

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Window Film Chicago is happy to share everything we know regarding window film alternatives! Contact us to receive an estimate on your upcoming project in Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, or the surrounding area or speak to an expert about your architectural needs.

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