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Window Film for Energy Savings in Chicago

While summers in Chicago are generally known for being hot and humid, winters are cold and frigid, with snow and ice being extremely common, especially in areas along the shore that receive strong wind and cold weather from Lake Michigan. Window film provides Chicago home and business owners with a solution for dealing with the high energy costs and discomfort that come from severe seasonal weather. It blocks out heat during the summer, retains radiant warmth during the winter, and saves up to 30% annually on overall utility costs.

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Commercial Benefits of Energy Saving Film for Chicago

Energy costs are one of the largest expenses of running a business. Businesses spend hundreds of dollars each year on heating cooling costs, much of which is the result of poor window insulation. Window film provides Chicago business owners with a way to save money on operational costs and improve indoor comfort.

  • Saves up to 30% on energy costs annually
  • Improves employee comfort, focus, and productivity
  • Reduces costs for artificial lighting
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Residential Benefits of Energy Saving Film for Chicago

From apartment buildings in the downtown area to single-family homes in the outlying suburbs of Chicago, residential buildings of all types can enjoy the benefits of energy saving film. Energy saving film keeps families comfortable year-round, reduces household energy costs, and blocks out UV rays that cause fading.

  • Saves money on heating and cooling costs
  • Blocks out heat, glare, and UV radiation
  • Protects furniture and flooring from fading
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