Window Film for Chicago Arenas, Venues & Stadiums

At Window Film Chicago, we carry a large selection of commercial window films that can be used for enhancing energy efficiency, security, and aesthetic appearance of sports arenas and public venues. Whether your goal is to save money on heating and cooling costs for your building or add security enhancements to protect your staff and visitors, we can help you find the perfect solution. We’ll help you sort through all the different options for adding window film to your Chicago arena, venue, or stadium so you can find the perfect film to meet all your business needs.

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Cut down on energy costs.

Stadiums and concert venues consume massive amounts of energy. A large portion of energy costs for public venues is attributed to artificial lighting and HVAC usage. Window film helps stadiums save money on energy costs by controlling the sun’s heat and increasing natural brightness in interior spaces.

Protect your staff & patrons.

Window film can provide the security enhancement that your stadium needs to keep your staff and patrons safe. It strengthens and reinforces vulnerable windows and glass entries and protects occupants, furniture, and interior surfaces from broken glass caused by accident, impact, or intrusion.

Create visual interest.

Window film offers a unique way to add visual interest and design elements to the interior or exterior of your stadium. With window film, you can add stylish privacy to restroom or locker areas, decorate your building with your team’s name or logo, or advertise your events or promotions. The design possibilities are virtually limitless.

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