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Security Window Film for Chicago Schools

In the wake of what appears to be a national gun violence crisis, an increasing number of schools are turning to advanced security methods on campus. School security window film offers Chicago schools a solution for strengthening building perimeters and guarding staff and students against unexpected dangers. 

Unauthorized entry on school grounds occupied by unarmed teachers and staff has a strong potential to result in catastrophic consequences. Enough cannot be said about the importance of proactive, strategic defense and emergency preparedness. School security window films are a proven, effective method for delaying forced entry and mitigating risk.

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Give Staff & Students More Time to Respond

When you’re dealing with an emergency, every second counts. The more time that staff and students have to respond to a threat, the better their chances of evacuating safely. School security window films give Chicago educators and students additional time to react to dangerous scenarios. By increasing the shatter-resistance of glass, they help delay intruders and protect occupants from acts of violence.

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Comprehensive Security Options for Schools

We know that every school is different and has unique concerns when it comes to safety matters. We offer security window film systems for every school and budget, ranging from standard to advanced. 


Basic Security Film

Our most economical option, our basic security film helps strengthen window glass.

  • Single layer of standard security film
  • Goal is to increase response time by approximately 30 sec to 1 min
  • Applied to interior 


Premium Security Film

Our premium security window film is made with advanced carbon fiber, cross-weave technology that’s not only durable but also tear-resistant. 

  • Single layer of premium security film; anchoring system (recommended)
  • Goal is to increase response time by approximately 30 sec to 3 min
  • Applied to interior 
school security window film chicago

Dual Premium Security Film (Interior & Exterior)

This option is recommended for schools with dual-pane glazing. In addition to coating the interior, an exterior film is added to the outer pane for additional protection.

  • Interior and exterior application of premium security film; anchoring system
  • Goal is to increase response time by approximately 3 min or more
  • Applied to interior and exterior 

Bomb Blast Resistant Film

We offer bomb blast-resistant systems for both single and dual-pane applications. 

  • Premium security window film; anchoring system
  • Goal is to increase the flexibility and shatter resistance of glass
  • Applied to interior and exterior (recommended)

Ballistic Resistant Security Film

To achieve ballistic resistance, we replace the existing glass with much thicker glass and add three layers of security window film. These systems are designed to protect against crimes committed with 9mm handguns or below. 

*Please note, the window frames are not ballistic resistant nor is this system designed to protect against assault rifles. 

  • Thick window glass; specialized priming agent; multiple layers of security window film; customization options for additional protection
  • Goal is to increase response time and increase the ballistic resistance of glass
  • Applied to interior and exterior 
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Additional Factors for Schools to Consider

Creating a strong security system for your school requires careful planning and consideration. You may want to consider hiring a security consultant to evaluate your campus and walk you through your options. Additionally, some other factors you may want to consider include:

  • Single or double-pane windows: Whether you have double or single-pane windows also affects how much time you have to respond to an event. A double layer of security film is highly recommended for single-pane glass.
  • Side doors and other points of entry: Intruders almost always target entryway doors, not standard windows. In addition to your front entrance, you should also consider security measures for side doors, back doors, sidelights, etc.
  • Interior/exterior locking doors: The most secure school entrance is one with both automatically locking interior and exterior doors. We recommend having both sets of doors coated with security window film.
  • Protection for front desk: We recommend prioritizing protection for your front desk area so your staff can activate lockdown measures immediately after a threat is identified. 

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Security Window Film Resources for Schools

If you’re interested in learning more or exploring options for school security window film in Chicago, here are some resources that can help:

  • Bullet Resistant Standards: Learn about bullet-resistant and blast-resistant glass standards. This article discusses important performance criteria and design elements, as well as the varying levels of protection.
  • 3M Safety Film Active Shooter Demo: This video demonstrates the effectiveness of security window film in deterring an armed intruder. Notice how the untreated tempered glass breaks in 20 seconds whereas with security film, the intruder has to shoot at the glass multiple times. 

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Work with Chicago’s School Security Film Experts

Get the critical protection your school needs. Window Film Chicago is the trusted source for ballistic resistant, bomb blast, and security window film in the Chicago area. Call our office today to learn more about school security window film options for your Chicago campus or schedule a consultation.

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