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Making the decision to install window film for your Chicago school or university is a smart investment for a variety of reasons. Window film is a budget-friendly solution that can allow you to make changes and upgrades to your school without unnecessary hassle or expense. Not only can it help save money on energy costs, but it can also protect your staff and students, prevent vandalism, and create a more comfortable and enjoyable learning environment by reducing heat and glare. Window film is a versatile and affordable solution for schools and one that has a quick ROI of three years time or less.

Schools Chicago Window Film

Keep your staff & students safe.

Window film can provide the additional layer of protection that your school needs to keep your staff and students safe. Security window film is created from tough, tear resistant polyester that deters intruders, mitigates damage from broken glass, protects against vandalism, and minimizes impact from blasts and natural disasters.

Control the sun’s heat & glare.

Window tint provides schools with a solution to controlling the sun’s heat and light. Window tint helps keep classrooms at a comfortable temperature by regulating heat transfer and eliminates distracting glare on computer screens, tablets, and laptops. And with just one simple installation, your school could save up to 30% on energy costs.

Add signage, logos & graphics.

Window film can make your school look beautiful inside and out. It can be custom printed with your school’s name, logo, or mascot, inspirational quotes, or any color, text, or graphic you desire. At Window Film Chicago, we carry an extensive variety of decorative tinting choices for schools including whiteboard film, frosted film, as well as many other exciting options.

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