3 Reasons Chicago Property Managers Should Consider Installing Bomb Blast Window Film

As a property manager, you may take installing bomb blast window film as going to extremes but it is actually a really good idea for your Chicago business.  As you know, Chicago is going through a tough period of crime right now and while we are lucky enough to not have had any bomb attacks–it doesn’t mean it can’t happen here.  Although not likely from the recent rash of local crime, being a big city, Chicago is a prime target for terrorists. As you know, these types of attack happen in large cities around the world and although seemingly random, they are aimed at large cities where they can do the most damage.  By having bomb blast film installed on your Chicago property not only do you stay one step ahead of terror threats but threats right here in Chicago too.

Bomb Blast Window Film To Protect Against Bombs

From intentional explosions to ones that are accidental the risk of bomb damage to your Chicago building is very real.  Sure this type of attack and even accidents are rare but when they do happen they are absolutely devastating. Bomb blast window film is strong protection against these types of unfortunate deadly events and works wonders to reduce glass-related injuries and save lives.  Should a bomb or other blast occur, Safety & Security Films reduces the impact energy, help prevent glass shards from becoming projectiles and keep the recovery time for your property to get up back and running lower.

Bomb Blast Window Film To Protect Against Bullets

As you know,  bomb blast window film greatly reduces the devastation associated with a bomb attack or other explosion, even more poignantly, it also stops injuries from bullets.  Let’s face it, Chicago has some problems with gun violence right now, so whether the safety and security film is working to stop a stray bullet from the outside or an all-out attack inside, it makes sense of Chicago buildings that want to make sure they are keeping those inside safe.

Bomb Blast Window Film As A Tempered Glass Alternative

Safety and security film means just that–keeping people inside your Chicago building safe and secure.  Not only does bomb blast window film work against bombs and bullet but just as well against natural disasters and accidents too!   After windows and other glass fixtures have bomb blast film applied, the glass stays in place after any blow from flying debris or a falling person just like tempered glass.  This means safety and security film is a cost-effective alternative to tempered glass and tends to stay in place better, making it a fantastic workaround for what could be pricey upgrades to get your building into code.

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