Chicago commercial properties and public buildings are always looking for proactive measures in keeping their guests safe. Unfortunately, many public areas are now targets of domestic and terrorist attacks. These awful events can happen throughout schools, universities, government buildings, mass transit systems, arenas, stadiums, and much more. Finding capable solutions that are also budget-friendly can definitely seem daunting. Fortuitously, bomb blast window film presents a highly-capable, comprehensive solution that can protect building occupants as well as any property valuables.

Benefits of Bomb Blast Window Film for Your Chicago School, Transit Station, or Commercial Property

Bomb blast window film is a comprehensive security solution that absorbs the shockwave from high impact events including explosions, gunfire, natural disasters, blunt force objects, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and much more. By absorbing the impact, broken glass pieces stay bonded together and held within the window or door frame. This innovative solution mitigates broken glass and flying debris hazards which are the leading causes of blast-related deaths and considerable injury. Bomb blast window film systems incorporate multiple layers of durable security film in addition to an attachment system and C-Bond glass strengthening agent. C-Bond works to improve strength and flexibility for existing glass, making bomb blast security systems possible. Cleanup after an event is also much easier, leading to minimized operational downtime.

Installation Process for Bomb Blast Window Film in Chicago Schools, Transit Stations, and Commercial Properties

Window Film Chicago specializes in bomb blast window film systems delivering discreet, effective installation processes. Our security team can help find the perfect investment for your Chicago property, ensuring all priorities are met. We utilize all cutting-edge technology to help you save potential lives and reduce injury.

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