Here in Chicago, we have a lot of varied wildlife for a big city–a myriad of lovely animals and birds.  Sadly, we also have a ton of highrises that don’t always mix well with birds.  In fact, bird strikes on windows are common.  Not only here in Chicago and across the world, where collisions into windows kill billions of birds each year. These frequent collisions into windows is likely why we get many Chicago commercial investors and/or building managers coming to us looking to windows film to solve it.   As it happens, this is something we can help with!

Making Your Window Visible to Birds

If you have ever seen a bird strike on a window–you know how gruesome it is.  Sadly these collisions end up killing the bird almost every time.  To solve the problem of collisions one must ask– why do birds fly into windows?   It is simply that birds don’t see them. They see windows as open airspace because of the reflection of the sky coming off of them.  So to protect birds from flying full-speed into your commercial highrise windows, it is critical to make them visible to birds.

Bird Safety Decals For Your Chicago Commercial Windows

Here at Window Film Chicago, we have a variety of films that will make windows big and small apparent to birds.  They have different names: bird safety decals, fretted film, bird strike prevention films but the basic concept of these films is the same.  They are window films embedded with small dots that make them visible to birds by breaking up the reflection.  The dots are strategically embedded in a grid pattern so they look like a fence or leaves to a bird.  The spacing of the dots is such that even the smallest bird won’t try to fly through the pattern but around it. These films are not only extremely effective at stopping birds from flying into highrise windows but come with some of the same benefits of window tinting too. 

For more information on bird safety decals for your Chicago commercial windows, contact us at Window Film Chicago today!