The needs of our retail partners are simply different than those of our other commercial clients. Modern stores can be both service and product-oriented. Every Kansas City store owner understands that getting people into their space is a challenge. One that requires incredible branding and marketing. Windows and flat surfaces in retail spaces are excellent places to do this. Find out how and why below.

Best Places In Retail Stores For Window Film

  1. Decorative Window Film on Retail Store Fronts:   The windows on the front of your store are one of the best places to advertise your store’s brand. Window film turns plain glass into a stylish billboard–one that invites people in. You can use it for messaging or for a lovely seasonal display.
  2. Glare-Reduction Window Film on Retail Store Fronts:  Glare through windows is annoying and it is also bad for your health. It destroys merchandise too. Glare reducing window film blocks the detrimental rays that cause fabrics to fade, wood to fade, and other merchandise like candles and edibles to melt. So window film helps owners, workers, and customers stay healthy and saves you money on ruined merchandise.
  3. Safety Decals on Retail Store Floors and Walls:  Covid is still very much with us. Although the vaccines are on the way– social distancing and masks will be with us for a while. So stores need to put into place safety measures like social distancing and mask mandates. We provide retailers with Covid “social-distancing” and mask decals using surface films. They are fantastic and affordable for retail stores plus they are fast, easy to install. 
  4. Surface Films on Retail Store Dressing Room Doors:  A fun way to express your retail brand is in the dressing area of your store with decorative surface films. They not only beautifully convey your message but turn the doors of your dressing rooms into an eye-catching display. Decorative surface films adhere to almost any flat surface glass, wood, or MDF–so there is almost no limit to where you can use them.

For more information on decorative films and other window films for your Kansas City store–talk with us today and start on a free design consultation.