EnerLogic for Year Round Energy Savings in Chicago

Window Film Chicago is proud to offer the latest in low-e technology from EnerLogic window film. EnerLogic window films provide a year round solution for energy savings and climate control. EnerLogic films block heat out during the summer and trap beneficial radiant heat inside during the winter. No matter if it’s freezing cold, snowing, or sunny and hot outside, EnerLogic film can keep your building at the perfect temperature and help you save money on energy costs.

About EnerLogic Low-E Window Film

EnerLogic window film uses low-e technology to regulate and control heat. Other window films block heat out constantly, no matter if it’s winter or summer, which can be problematic for dual climate regions like Chicago and the Great Lakes area. EnerLogic window films, on the other hand, regulate heat instead of rejecting it completely. EnerLogic films reject excess heat during the hotter months and retain heat during the winter, providing a year round solution for climate control.


EnerLogic Window Film Advantages
Whether you’ve decided to invest in window film for your office or business or for your own home, you’re sure to enjoy the advantages that EnerLogic has to offer. EnerLogic window film is the leading window film specializing in low-e technology and is trusted by building professionals across the country.

Save up to 5-15% on heating costs during the winter
Save up to 20% on summer air conditioning expenses
Improve the insulating power of glass by up to 92%
Provide a full payback in as fast as three years
Year round comfort and energy savings

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