There are some things every commercial business owner must deal with regularly as part of their jobs. Things like paying bills to keep the lights on, finding new tenants, and doing day-to-day repairs are all part of the routine. Sadly, another thing that commercial business owners here in Chicago see a lot of graffiti on elevators. It was bad before the pandemic and got worse during it too. More than ever cities across the US have seen an explosion in graffiti and now, with business down, are wondering what to do about it.

The answer to Elevator Graffiti

Elevators are notoriously hard to monitor. They are enclosed and those who use them get on and off quickly. Plus, there is just something about a shiny metal surface that attracts vandals. This means that no matter what you do as a Chicago commercial investor or building manager–your elevator will get struck with graffiti time and time again. While you may not be able to stop it, you certainly can do something to remediate the graffiti–at a fraction of the price.

Traditional Graffiti Removal Vs. Elevator Resurfacing Films

Usually, when you have your commercial elevator panels repaired it is a long, loud, expensive process if you do it the traditional way. It involves either pulling out every affected panel and replacing–which is incredibly expensive or sanding down the original panel. No matter which you choose there are downfalls and both take time– a lot of time. This means your elevator will be out of commission for a while. This is where elevator resurfacing films become a very attractive alternative. Having these films installed over the graffiti is fast, affordable and, should your elevators get struck again–an easy fix! You simply have us here at Window Film Chicago come out, remove the tarnished film and replace it with a new one. It takes only a matter of a few hours and costs 1/10 the price of full repair.

The fact of the matter is graffiti on elevators is a given in the commercial world–but how you deal with it is your choice. Contact us here at Chicago Window Film to hear about our elevator resurfacing films and pricing today. 


Mike Kinsey has more than a decade of experience installing window film in the Chicago area. His years of experience have allowed him to develop a deep familiarity with all of the different types and styles of window film on the market including the various security, privacy, decorative, and energy efficient options. Together, he and his team have completed hundreds of commercial and residential installs, totaling an accumulation of over 250,000 square feet. In addition to being an expert on top brands such as LLumar, C-Bond, HDClear, Solar Gard, Solyx, and Huper Optik, Mike is also certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.