Chicago boasts a population of close to 2.7 million people. To say the least, it’s a busy city. Living in Chicago, it can feel like you almost never get to have your own personal space and privacy. Everywhere is crowded, no matter if you live in the suburbs or along Michigan Ave.

At the end of the day after walking down busy streets, being in a packed office, and then on a crowded train, all you want to do is relax and get a little privacy. But if you live in a high rise apartment building or a neighborhood where the homes are built close together, privacy can be hard to come by. Not to mention, Chicago has one of the highest crime rates in the country. And it can be hard to wind down if you’re worried about your personal safety.

By installing residential window film for your Chicago home, condo, or apartment, you can obtain the privacy and safety you need while also creating a beautiful look for your home.

Window Film for a Safer Home

In today’s crazy world, you can never be too careful when it comes to safety matters. Unexpected things happen all the time and it’s important to be prepared. By installing residential window film for your Chicago home, you can help protect your people, pets, and property from danger.

With window film, it’s hard for thieves to break and enter a property by sheer force. When a window is smashed, window film creates a tear resistant shield that stands in the place of the broken glass. With no opening, criminals have no way to get instead and steal valuable items.

Decorative & Privacy Window Film

In addition to making your home safer, window film can also add privacy and beauty. Decorative and privacy window films are great for enhancing ordinary glass for added style and privacy protection. Keep strangers and salespeople from looking through your front windows by installing a window film that blocks views but not light. Or opt for a stunning decorative film to give your home a bit of shine and character.

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