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Graffiti Shield: Chicago’s Tough Vandalism Prevention Solution

Window Film Chicago is proud to present a fast acting, reliable vandalism deterrent. We supply and install Graffiti Shield for Chicago businesses, schools, and industrial buildings in areas where vandalism and property crime are high risk or a recurring issue. Graffiti Shield Window Films are specially design to deflect and moderate graffiti, helping property owners to avoid cumbersome financial consequences and time-consuming alternative methods of removal.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder to Fight Vandalism with Graffiti Shield

Schools, retail stores, transit systems, and commercial buildings are all common targets for vandals, who look for anywhere they can cause destruction and get away without getting caught. Property owners go to all types of measures in effort to prevent vandalism, sometimes resorting to costly professional cleaning services and security equipment, but none of these methods actually stop it from happening. Graffiti Shield Window Films provide a smarter alternative to preventing graffiti and quickly resolving incidents.

Metal Shield

Metal Shield is a thick adhesive film that can be attached to metal areas and appliances for graffiti abatement purposes. The multi-layer film acts sacrificially to absorb all damage, keeping the surface beneath safe from harm.

Perfect for elevators, metal handles, signs, and more
Stops vandals from scratching and marking metal surfaces
Releases without leaving residue when removed professionally

Mirror Shield

Bathroom mirrors aren’t only susceptible to graffiti, they’re also highly vulnerable to water damage. Mirror Shield offers a solution for disguising corrosion, scratching, and damage on mirrored surfaces. This mirror-like replica can be cut to fit any shape or size of mirror and quickly resolve graffiti issues.

Obscures corrosion, scratching, and marks on mirrors
Highly workable and can be attached to any type of mirror
Excellent for deterring vandalism in bathrooms and lobbies

Glass Shield

Glass looks clean and inviting, and draws in natural light, but unfortunately can be damaged very easily. Even the slightest amount of pressure can send a deep scratch into glass, making it high target for vandals. Glass Shield discreetly overlays glass areas, preventing scratching and destruction.

Prevents scratching on windows and glass walls
Saves money on glass replacement costs
Maintains optimal clarity, preserving appearances

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Graffiti costing you a fortune? Can’t figure out how to stop people from vandalizing your property? The team at Window Film Chicago is here to help! Let our fast, reliable professionals provide you with the quick solution you need and install Graffiti Shield for your Chicago property today. Call now to get a quote.

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