Graffiti Shield For The Chicago Transit Authority Just Makes $Cents$

There is a growing trend on mass transit systems here in Chicago and around the world known as “aggressive” graffiti.

What Is Aggressive Graffiti?

According to aggressive graffiti is:

“The practice includes the use of a sharp object like keys, carbide drill bit, knife and even sandpaper. Damage is done by these instruments and carving into the surface, leaving the surface etched and permanent damage is visible for all to see. Some are even using forms of acid and mixing it with a colored shoe polish to make their etching stand out after it dries.”

This type of graffiti is bad news all around for taxpayers and Chicago Transit passengers because it is extremely costly to repair and ends up driving fare prices and taxes. While we at Window Film Chicago can’t stop graffiti from happening on buses, trains, elevators, and walls in transit stations across the city, we do have low-cost alternative that could save the people of Chicago hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and keep our city looking beautiful while doing so. It is called graffiti shield and it is not only keeping up with the growing aggressive graffiti trends, it is revolutionizing the graffiti removal industry as a whole.

What is Graffiti Shield?

Graffiti Shield is a Graffiti abatement film that covers areas of transit stations that struggle with graffiti by way of spray paint, acids, scratches, stickers and more. It comes in a number of useful finishes like metal, mirror, glass or custom. They are thicker films, roughly 6mm, that cover an area and perfectly match its finish. Should graffiti occur, the film is simply removed and easily replaced (most times in only a day see case studies here) for the fraction of the cost of removing or covering and replacing the affected mirror, elevator panel, window or other station feature. One the best features of Graffiti Shield compared to traditional graffiti removal is for mass stations is its cost–in some cases only one-tenth the cost of traditional removal. However, another great feature is the customization available for places that need protection but may be irregularly shaped or made of an obscure material. It is instances like these that Graffiti Shield is at its best.

Contractors To Install Graffiti Shield In Chicago

If you are looking for a way to thwart the increasingly aggressive graffiti in a transit station here in Chicago or any other public place, contact us at Window Film Chicago for a free Graffiti Shield consultation today.