Minimizing your bottom line so that you can create better profit margins is key for any business. When it comes to finding creative solutions for saving money, you’ll need to maximize these. For businesses looking for options to lower expenses, address property code, and improve employee productivity, there’s one creative answer for this: window film. Window film offers Chicago businesses with a variety of benefits including saving money. Here are some different ways you can lower your expenses by installing window film.

How to Save Money With Window Film In Chicago Businesses

  • Energy-saving window film: Energy efficiency can be achieved with the right window film product and even counts towards LEED certification. Commercial properties can save around 10%-15% all year round with optimal solar heat rejection and UV blocking capabilities. This incredible ROI can pay for itself in three years or less.
  • Security film property code upgrade: For businesses that need to upgrade their annealed glass to tempered glass, security film offers a great alternative. Rather than spending tens of thousands on replacement windows, you can quickly and affordably install security window film. This offers minimal operation downtime and significant savings.
  • Decorative film for branding and safety markers: Utilize decorative film for an all-in-one solution for addressing marketing, branding, privacy, and safety marker needs. This highly customizable option is ideal for enhancing your glass features.

Work With Chicago’s Preferred Commercial Window Film Expert

Window Film Chicago is honored to be the preferred commercial window film expert serving the state of Illinois. Our team has the most extensive commercial window film options and can help you achieve whatever property goals you’re looking for. From LEED certification to addressing property code, our experts are always here to help. For more information regarding how window film can help your business save money, please contact us!