As the summer heat increases day-by-day in the Chicago area, finding ways to stay comfort while maintaining an affordable energy bill may seem impossible. As historic building owners search for energy efficient solutions to keep their tenants and businesses happy, finding cost-effective answers is definitely top priority. Window replacement is the most common conclusion for energy efficiency issues but are usually out-of-budget and time consuming projects that come with a lot of unnecessary downtime. Fortuitously, window film presents an affordable solution for Chicago historic building owners to save considerably without the largest financial investment.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Chicago Historic Buildings

Energy efficient window film costs a fraction of window replacement alleviating the financial burden for Chicago historic building owners. This effective solution delivers high energy savings year round producing a wonderful ROI that usually pays for itself, in energy savings alone, in just a short, few years. By maintaining comfortable, stable temperatures all year round, energy efficient film can help with LEED certification, increased tenant retention, improved productivity, and much more. Energy efficient window film also eliminates hot/cold spots throughout your building, providing a more comfortable work or living environment. Additionally, UV blocking properties are also included helping protect floors, furniture, interior investments, and building occupants from harmful UV radiation.

Installation Process for Energy Efficient Window Film for Your Chicago Historic Building

We like to begin every project with a free on-site consultation in order to better understand individual property needs and challenges. This allows us to give you a proper project estimate as well in addition to product recommendations. We guarantee timely installation processes that minimize downtime for your business. We utilize commercial-grade glass primers and strengtheners to ensure prolonged product life and complete window film satisfaction.

For more information regarding energy efficient window film for your historic Chicago building, please contact us or call: (773) 453-2005