Amazing Ways to Use Decorative Window Film for Your Downtown Chicago Hotel

Is your Chicago hotel downtown in need of some updates? Create a fresh new look for both communal areas like entranceways and lobbies as well as hotel suites with decorative window film. Decorative Window Films are perfect for hotels large and small – because there are so many designs and textures to choose from, you can create a look that is just right for your brand. Not sure where to start? Here are three ideas for beautifying your hotel with decorative window film:

Window Film For Create Visual Flow

Chicago hotels in Lower East Side or Historic Third Ward often have large windows so guests can enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan. Because windows are such a huge part of your hotels interior and exterior, why not make them a part of your design scheme for even more visual flow? Decorative window films come in many pre-existing patterns and textures, or you can even create and print your own special artwork onto them to make your hotel windows special.

Window Film For Stained Glass Effect

Is your hotel in an older, historic building? Or maybe you’re just an aficionado of stained glass. Decking out your hotel with stained glass would truly be an expensive project, but you can use decorative window film to create the look for a fraction of the price. Look to no other than Chicago favorite Frank Lloyd Wright or perhaps something more modern like Art Deco for inspiration for your stained glass. Decorative window film is guaranteed to last from 10-15 years with professional installation and does not need the extensive maintenance that stained glass needs.

Window Film For Partitions for Privacy

Decorative window films can also be used on hotel windows to create areas with more privacy for your guests. Use decorative films for hotel conference rooms or hotel gyms to create a more intimate feel without blocking out light that would make it seem small and claustrophobic. Using minimalistic patterns or textures is best for privacy for larger glass surfaces. You can also use a frosted decorative window film to create privacy partitions in your hotel.

beautiful decorative window film for hotels in Chicago


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